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Xevera Mabalacat

The Xevera Homes Townhouses A are two to three story buildings with two or three additional units attached to each other, depending on how many clusters the developer decides to create. Xevera Homes Townhouse A There are three types of townhouses: inner, end, and corner units. And Xevera Mabalacat Townhouse A has 45.50sqmLotArea,45.20sqmFloorArea

Aprime location  in Tabun Pampanga, close to schools and,churches, malls, offices and lastly,restaurants, making a purchase ideal for those starting a family and, students, or professionals looking for a place close to work and school.

At the center of Tabun, live an exceptional Subdivision lifestyle.Xevera is a subdivision that in Mabalacat, one of Pampanga’s mostpopulous cities again,Xevera Mabalacat inhabitants enjoy a lifestyle that many people can only dream of Pushing and the boundaries of residential living by delivering comfort and affordability more great memories with their family.

And lastly,Invest in real estate at Xevera since, where prime location meets unparalleled value Xevera Prestige and,offers a luxurious experience with opulent amenities, allowing guests to indulge in their senses.Discover the Unique Advantages of Each Townhouse Model in Xevera: Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Home!We take pride in offering our residents a convenient and comfortable lifestyle.

Location: Brgy Tabun,Mabalacat City,Pampanga.

Lot Area: 45.50 sqm
Floor Area: 45.20 sqm


•Swimming Pool
•Fitness Center
•Basketball and Tennis Court
•City Hall
•Playground, Church and many more!

Nearby Establishments

• Near Clark Freeport Zone

Townhouse A
Total Contract Price = 1,704,000
Loanable Amount = 1,612,000
Equity = 92,000
Reservation Fee = 20,000
Net Equity = 72,000

Monthly Amortization thru PagIBIG @6.250%
30 yrs = 10,525.26 (GMI: 29k)
25 yrs = 11,234.37 (GMI: 31k)
20 yrs = 12,383.06 (GMI: 35k)
15 yrs = 14,422.16 (GMI: 40k)
10 yrs = 18,700.05 (GMI: 53k)
5 yrs = 31,952.71 (GMI: 90k)

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